Simple modification to existing stock watchface

I would like to be able to bold or increase the font size for the active2 health dashboard day/date. Is it possible to load the existing watchface into designer and change it or do I have to build a new one from scratch?

I think it is not possible to edit the stock watch faces, because the file is in .tpk format and not in .gwd format.

When people asked about editing pre-installed watchfaces, one of the answers was, that those were build on firmware level and therefore there are no samples available to derive from (even though there was earlier an icon image for samples in start screen of GWD taken from a pre-installed watchface that actually was never among the actual samples).

Simple answer is you have to rebuild it. Stock watch faces cannot be edited or even be loaded in GWD or Tizen studio

But if you copy a stock watch face you could be subject to copyright issues, or rejection due to copying other’s faces… Just a heads up :slight_smile:

Really? I made and published my own version of the dual-dial watchface and nobody complained. Maybe I should remove it, nobody wants it anymore anyway :slight_smile: