Wear OS Update refused

Hello, everyone.
I am slowly no longer understanding how Google does things.
2 of my watch faces were marked “Update rejected”.
My first watchface was already approved for Wear OS. After a small update (Added Buttons for calendar, Settings…), it is no longer available for Wear OS.
The other watch face was released for Google, but not for Wear OS.
What can I do?

I uploaded both aab files with the new update from WatchFaceStudio (1.0.3).
With the first version (1.0.0) I didn’t have these problems.

I think this was answered elsewhere…

There were new Devices added that use WearOS Powered by Samsung and that has caused some rejections (use of HeartRate in particular).

Samsung Developer Relations

I’m also facing same issue. After update 1.3.0, all newly created watchface are rejected due to same issue. Reason will be same like heart rate not working.

Comments from tester:
“For example, the measure heart rate function does not work.”

But its working properly in my physical device (galaxy watch 4). Any workaround or solutions with out removing hr indicator?

I am also facing same issue i even sent them video proof by showing on my physical device heart rate working but still they say not working :stuck_out_tongue: like WTH! IDK it’s Watch face studio bug or Playstore team does not own any Galaxy Watch/

So what you suggest us to do ? to avoid this bug ? as without hear rate reading my watchfaces looks not good.

You need to Exclude OPPO Watches those are what are causing the rejections.

Samsung Developer Relations

I have excluded all except Galaxy Watch 4 and it works :slight_smile: so today i just released a new watchface with exclude of Oppo only lets see does that pass review too :smiley:

Excluding Oppo Watch definitely works. I haven’t had any problems with Wear OS since I’ve been doing this.
However, Google has come up with new guidelines that have apparently been active since yesterday.
This includes, among other things, that the watch face title may only have 30 characters.
I wonder how you can enter other search parameters in addition to the watch face name. Soon you won’t find the new watch faces anymore.