WFS - Compatible devices - Wear OS

I am a little confused. I thought only Samsung’s Watch 4 devices were compatible with the apps created in Watch Face Studio. (Wear OS 3)

When you upload the file, quite a few devices are shown as compatible, but do all the WFS functions work there?

What are your experiences?
Any problems with other non Samsung devices shown as compatible?

Matze :v:

Ron said in another topic that for example oppo do not support the off-body sensor. So oppo should be out of the list until this is fixed in the next update.

OPPO has problem only with measuring heart rate. Everything others is ok

But it’s up to Google, not our developer or Samsung. Oppo works on the Wear OS system, so it is visible on the list.
You cannot confuse the concepts and you need to know how the google store works.

Well, if your watchface have heart rate measuring capability, then you might find it hard to get passed by Google review team as they always reject watchfaces by saying basic functionality of watchface is not working AKA heart rate, despite it be working so fine, some people says excluding oppo watches fix this, but I am not sure as for me that doesn’t t work either.

I think you misunderstood me because of my bad english. When i write “you should” i mean we should take it out “manually” out of the list on the wear os console.

The reason for this topic is not to blame anyone, it’s just to understand which devices in the list have problems with some functionality and which not.

That’s all.

Just look around on the forum and read, we wrote about it in several topics. :wink:

Found the answer: