[SOLVED] Relational operators on Opacity GWS vs Galaxy Watch 3 behavior

I am tearing my hair out with this subject that I cannot resolve.
I use relational operators to manage the opacity of some images.
When I simulate the result on GWS it works as expected. Once on my watch no image appears?!?!
Simple example to test my watch this morning:
([H] == 6) * 100
On GSW, as long as the time = 6 the image appears
On my Galaxy Watch 3 the image does not appear: frowning:
Do you have any idea where this erratic behavior came from?
Thank you in advance,

Je m’arrache les cheveux avec ce sujet que je ne parviens pas à solutionner.
J’utilise des opérateurs relationnels pour gérer l’opacité de certaines images.
Quand je simule le résultat sur GWS cela fonctionne comme attendu.
Une fois sur ma montre aucune image apparait?!?!
Exemple simple afin de tester ma montre ce matin:
Sur GSW, tant que l’heure = 6 l’image apparait
Sur ma montre Galaxy Watch 3 l’image n’apparaît pas :frowning:
Auriez vous une idée sur l’origine de ce comportement erratique?
Par avance merci,

Without knowing more my guess is that you are expecting it to show at 6-7 PM as well as 6-7 AM but the hour tag is 0 - 23
so you want
(([H]== 6) + ([H]== 18)) ? 100 : 0

If that isn’t it and it does not show at 6 - 7 AM I’d need more information

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you very much Ron to take time to answer my question.
I tried both ([H] == 6) * 100 and ([H] == 6) ? 100 : 0 solution and it doesn’t work on my watch where it works on GWS simulation.
While time is from 6:00:00 up to 6:59:59 I do not get my picture appearing on my watch where it is shown on GWS.
I’ve got a GALAXY WATCH 3 - 6D29
GSW version 2.00 beta Build 200403
I did a build for Tizen 4 and higher version.
Best regards,

I assume it is the same results for all hours not just 6 AM
So I tried it with a simple image for 15:00 or 3:00 PM and it worked just fine in Galaxy Watch3. I doubt it is the image but it may be. Try it with a different image and see if that makes any difference. If it still doesn’t work please upload it to developer support and include the barest example you have that duplicates it.

Sorry, I’m a late riser so I’m not gong to try to get up at 6 AM to test :slight_smile:

Samsung Developer Relations.

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Hello Ron,

I did numerous tests with different formula and pictures and it seems that formula hasn’t properly taken into account when I send the package to my samsung watch 3.

I wrote down my issue and provides my package and project with a picture of my samsung galaxy watch 3 for this issue as you suggested.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support :heart_eyes:

SOLUTION provided by support and it works!
" There is a limitation in GWS that weather components cannot be used with the tag expression. See the Weather section in the tutorial for further details. We have removed all the weather components from your watch face and now it works fine.

Therefore, we hope you understand the limitation as GWS is developed for the designers with no coding skill to keep it simple. If you have coding background, can design more complex watch face with Tizen Studio."

Im glad you got it explained and working. Yet the answer sounds as if GWS remains cripled with limitations (was not developed any further) intentionally so “designers” cant compete with “developers”. Fixed limitations and few more powerfull features like user defined tags and the tizen studio becomes obsolete for watch faces.

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You can do it in Native language but not as a web app in Tizen Studio.