Some screens reversed in Galaxy Watch 4 Active (RTL)

I am using Galaxy watch 4 Active. Enabled by developer mode and debugging watch face. suddenly some screens like settings and select watch face screens are reversed. It looks like RTL languages, but I am using the English language by default. I thought it happened because of some setting change. But I don’t find any settings for this.

It’s not a big issue, but is anyone facing this issue and any fix or setting for this?


Since no one else reported this it looks like an abnormality
Hold down both keys at the same time until it says reboot. That will clear the cache and should reset things.

Hope that helps,

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you for your reply, After the factory reset its works fine.

Just rebooting (not shutting on and off) should work I think that is what you meant. Factory Reset wipes everything.

Samsung Developer Relations