Gap between numbers in Date and time

Dear All

is there a way to make space between two numbers in the time text format expression. We use ([HOUR_1_12_Z]):([MIN_Z]) for displaying HH:MM:SS but what if i need to have a space in between two numbers eg, H H:M M:S S. I am trying to create a background rectangle for each number in minutes seconds and hours

If you want one text field to show these numbers in separated places, do not forget to use monospaced font.
Try this, in preview it works, hopefully on watch i will work too
(floor([HOUR_1_12]/10)) ([HOUR_1_12]%10):(floor([MIN]/10)) ([MIN]%10):(floor([SEC]/10)) ([SEC]%10)
For more independent placement I would split the formulas for every digit into separate text field.


Thanks a Lot Peter. This helps me. I have designed a rounded EB meter style watch face and I wanted to have each font on hours minutes and seconds on separate slot. i am also looking for a kind of font that we have on all these manual meters. These meters contain a drum roll with all fonts and it rotates to show the reading. Is there a wat to design such fonts or download it from any source. Thanks for the solution though

Lookup the Monospac821 font, it is pretty decent.
If you decide to split the text fields, try also Bahnschrift font, it looks even better, just is not mono.

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