Newbie trying to learn

Hi all!

I got annoyed enough finally that I couldn’t customize so many of the faces to my liking to make one! This will only be fore me - no selling.

Is there a good YouTube or other video on uploading to the watch after creating the file? I’m seeing from just a glance at a post here and there that its not super easy. I built low-end blackberry files back in the day - this seems more intense.

Any help is much appreciated folks! Thank you in advance for taking the time for annoying ol’ me!

I can’t help with YouTube videos, but you may want to try browsing through some of the threads/topics here. There are several, including one of mine, that might be of some help.

Once you connect you will wonder why you ever had any issue.
Read the GWD FAQ on connecting and certificates.

Watch3 and Active2 watches have a bit of difference than the older watches so be sure you let me know what watch you have any what version of GWS. If you are using GWS v2.0.1 uninstall it and get the GWS v2.0.0 version unless you are using Macos Big Sur.

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