Step Count on Pixel Watch

I’m working on learning Watch Face Studio. It’s a little more difficult than Facer’s tool. One issue I’m having is that when I try and write a [SC] tag, it works great until 10k steps. After that it seems to reset itself so it looks like I started back at zero. This also impacts the percentage and any progress bars based on step count. Has anyone else seen and solved this issue?

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What tool are you using
Watchface Studio 1.4.20 or Watchface Studio 1.3.13
Are you seeing this on the run window or on an actual watch

each may have a different answer

Are you using a complication or designing your own ranged value?

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Complications work better but the style options I choose have no effect, though I assumed that was due to the actual complication code (e.g. I select Text only style but the steps icon still displays). The issue I’m having is that when I place a Text box and use the [SC] tag, everything works great until 10K steps at which point it resets to 0 and seems to start counting by percentage instead (e.g. I am actually at 10,100 steps but the watch Text displays 101). Additionally, because of this, my steps progress circle resets after 10K steps and makes it look like I’m all the way back at zero. Again, it also doesn’t scale back up so I can be at 12K steps and th progress bar is still close to zero vs showing 20% complete.

The design window looks good for all cases but the watch after ADB installation is the issue.

Hi. Simple explanation. Pixel Watch switches from integer to string when steps count is higher than 9999.
So you wont get 10500 value but 10.5K.

[SC] Tag only works with integers or somehow similar, so it wont include ‘K’. Instead of 10500 you will get 105 (10.5K). That’s why after 9999 your steps progress will reset (value is less than 1%)

There are two solutions as of now. Hard to say if this was already fixed as I did not get many reports last few weeks)

  1. Pixel Watch (Google) to change how system steps provider is reporting steps value (it should report 10500 as 10500 and not 10.5K)
  2. WFS to handle strings in with [SC] tag, so it could convert 10.5K (when there is K) to 10500



Tough one. So because it’s a completely different type of returned value, there’s not even really a clever conditional I can use to interpret.

I hope that with the next Wear Update that the tag will be set by Health Connect and not rely on Google Health.

Health Connect is a “universal” API for health data.

Samsung Developer Relations

I did come up with an imperfect workaround. I used the conditional steps grid to have the progress bar (new design) show full between 1 and 2%. Inconsequential in the morning for a mere 100 steps but will show correctly as full after 10K for most of the day after a long run. I did this both for the SC number and the SC progress bar. It works beautifully. Thanks for all the comments. You got me thinking about the problem the right way.

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