Stuck when trying to sign package

I have been building my projects for Tizen with no issues until yesterday (via command line on Ubuntu 20.04).

I have done an update to some out of date installs and now my packaging command doesn’t work, it just sits forever saying “Signing…”.

I can build it:-
tizen build-native

but trying to package it with this doesn’t work:-
tizen package -t tpk -s xxxxxx – Debug

I am normally building Flutter projects, but they hit the same issue and the packaging step gets stuck.

Any ideas as to what the problem could be?

I have been building my projects for Tizen with no issues until yesterday

There have been some issues with Seller Store log in for the past month. I think they fixed it for Europe but I saw a report of this issue with Latin / South America recently. This could be the issue. If this continues and isn’t working Monday open a seller store contact us question. If they don’t have a solution let me know I can contact the operations team on your behalf.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Sign in for me has been weird today as well, all Samsung Developer sites. First it took me to member sign in, where I had to sign in twice and do captcha’s. Finally got in after trying a couple of times, and seems to be ok now.

At least Chrome is remembering my ID today, yahoo :slight_smile:

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In case anyone had a similar problem. It turned out to be my own fault, and an issue I have forgot about before.

My development set up is a Chromebook running Visual Code SSH’d to an Ubuntu build machine. I use a Flutter Web build to develop the basic game, before moving to a Flutter Tizen build directly on the Galaxy Watch for final adjustments and testing.

It turned out to be caused by my Ubuntu Keyring not being signed in after the system update/reboot. Because I am SSH’d into the Ubuntu machine I couldn’t see the pop up window on the desktop.

Now the Keyring is signed in the signing process works as it should.