Sunrise/Sunset slider

I wish to replicate the sunrise/sunset slider complication as seen on the Digital Dashboard stock watchface, however the only option to integrate sunrise/sunset times is with a short text complication.

Is there a way around this or is it just impossible to do?

You can use a Circle or Large Box slot type and move Ranged Value to the top selection so it is first choice. (drag and drop it to the top)

The user will have to select it because this may not be available for all supported watches.

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sunrise sunset appears on simulator but not on the device.

It is only as a small text box or line complication as an (Icon and text).

I think I responded incorrectly to @wancel I missed the slider part.

Samsung Developer Relations

Dear Ron,

Thank you very much for your email. I have solved this problem. But maybe you can give me some direction: how it is possible to change color in “critical” areas. For example in the case of Watch Battery Text Box or slider.

Thank you in advance.


I think what you are calling a Slider it a progress bar component and you can set the color for it. The background has a 50% opacity of the top color. If you want a different color background there are a few tricks here is one I use
Create two Progress bars by default they will start at the same size one over the other
in the layer list select both and group them as one. (this lets you move or resize both progress bars as one
On the lower layered progress bar set the value to 100 and change the color for what you want the background to be
On the Top layer change the background to zero opacity

You can use theme colors for that.

For most complications you can set colors of text but I don’t know if you can change everything or be sure that the changes you make will be used. It is probably better to use Tags and create your own whenever possible. (Many things are not possible).

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