Support with date ring rotation

Hello everyone,

Need some support with Galaxy watch designer for my new project… I would like to create a ring with day numbers that would rotate according to the date… Not months just the day number…

Since some months have 31 days, what would be the tag expression so the ring would skip that number in case the month has 30 days?

Same question goes for February :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for support in advance!

lets say we have an image of date dial ring. Since it has fixed 31 day numbers, the angle it rotates will be everyday every month the same 360/31 degrees. If its drawn (or rotated after insertion) in position for first day, than the expression does not have to produce any angle for the first day.
It would be like ([d]-1)*360/31.


Hello Peter,

thank you very much for your response… With the above expression when the month has 30 days it will skip the 31st position?

Will give this a try!!!
Thanks again!

the expression above will give the ring rotation angle according to the actual day number.
On day 30 to number 30, on day one to number one (actually on day one it will give 0°).
Simply, if the days 29, 30, 31 do not come, then they wont be displayed (wont be turned that far).

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Hello Peter,

Thank you very much for your response one more time. It works as intended!!!