Image Rotation Once a Year - Weekly Advance?

In the GWS, how do I rotate an image around once a year, where the image advances only on a Sunday? I can add a watch hand, and set the sync to “Day of Year” but it increments on each day. I need an image to increment 52 times a year. So wondering if there’s a property setting in watch hand to change, or if there’s a series of tags I could otherwise apply to an image for the rotation.

Any pointers appreciated.


You can try to use ‘day of week’ tag. If [e]==1 that means a new week is started. This tag ID can be useful to achieve your goal.

Thank you.

Thanks Jakia. I am trying to see how I can make the dial rotate 6.9 degrees each time the [e]==1, which is (360/52).

In documentation there is no tag for week number. I guess you would need to put in 52 differently rotated images for text string in bitmap for digital clock with “w” ICU, or experiment with some long expression to calculate the week number like