Suspension of applications by Wallpaper / theme image are only partially applied

Several of my apps have been rejected for the following reason Wallpaper / theme image is only partially applied, that is to say that when defining the image as wallpaper the text is not fully displayed, my question is, if the apps are not designed for wallpapers why are they suspended then, it is understood that the objective of these apps is to share the images not to be used as a background.
If it is mandatory that the images with text are in accordance to be used as wallpaper, then what are the dimensions that the image must have so that the text is completely once it is defined as the wallpaper. I appreciate any information in this regard. Best regards

Please check this with Theme Support and see if they can give you a better explanation. Hopefully someone will have a better solution for you.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for your quick response. I already checked with support and this is the answer

Regarding your inquiry, the preview image of the wallpaper that can be checked in your application and the image applied to the device do not look the same, so the review was rejected.

Therefore, regardless how big of the size of the image, please modify the preview image to be the same as the image after it is actually applied to the device.

We hope the information could be helpful.

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I really don’t understand how to solve it. I would appreciate an answer to help me fix it. Greetings

It is saying that the images you provided to the seller store do not match your theme images when run on the device do not look the same. This is a possible IP infringement (as well as bad merchandising) and they rejected you.

Samsung Developer Relations

Excuse me for insisting, but I really do not understand what I have to modify because it is only an image, that is, the one shown in the preview and when using it as a wallpaper it is distorted, I do not know what that change is due to. I attach the video that they send me in the suspension message.

The preview image is different than what shows on your device. They have to be the same, not a cropped version of the preview image.

I don’t know how to resolve it. I hope one of the Theme designers can help you better.

Samsung Developer Relations

I really appreciate your collaboration. Best regards

It is best to design wallpaper taking into consideration all Samsung phone models, and therefore all screen sizes.

It looks like your original design was for a Note 9 or earlier model, but it is going to be tested on an S21 or similar model. So the text fits on the screen of the Note 9 but not S21.

Design wallpaper at 1920 x 1920 and the text must fit as in this image… Hope this helps.