Tag expressions for other data such as "chance of rain" etc

I see that complications allow access to loads of other data items which are not available as tag expressions.

For example, I can add a complication that displays the current percentage chance of rain or a barometer reading.

But if I wanted to display these variables in a customised way - say using a custom analogue gauge - I can’t, because the complication functionality in WFS only provides a circular and linear progress bar and there are no tag expressions available for such variables to allow custom design.

Maybe I’m missing something (I feel I must be!) but the watch obviously has access to this data, so shouldn’t tag expressions be available to allow designers to be creative with them?



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HI Rob,

I’m not sure if the weather functionality is a placeholder for a feature to be added or a hold over from weather being removed. I saw Sunrise and Sunset what complication has the barometer option?


Hi Ron,

I’ve played around with adding complications, making them ‘editable’ in WFS… Once on the watch there are a number of data feeds that can be chosen. I’ve only tested a few, but there is certainly some functionality there.

In answer to your question the Long Text complication can display the barometer (pressure) reading. Other complications such as the Short Text complication have an option to select it too, although that particular one displays nothing on the watch face when barometer is selected.

I attach a screenshot from my GW4 which includes (among other things) sunrise/sunset times, chance of rain and barometer in Short Text, Ranged Value and Long Text complications respectively.


My point however, is that if the watch can pick up these values, when why are relevant tag expressions not available through WFS to allow designers to use them too.

Hope that helps!


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Is that with the app shortcut Default Provider? My version doesn’t show a provider like Sun Rise Sunset does in short text

I am still trying to learn how to use this tool also.



Hi Ron,

Yes, I chose’ app shortcut’ as the default provider for the Long Text complication, but it doesn’t really matter what is chosen as the default provider, because as it is ‘editable’ the user can change this to whatever provider they want through the ‘customise’ option on the watch itself. I rebuilt it with the “watch battery” being the default but the user can still change it on the watch to barometer.

On the watch itself, the provider list does vary between complication types. Short Text offers sunset/sunrise for example, but this isn’t an option for the Long Text complication.



Hi Rob,

I found the documentation HERE that explains the differences.


I also recommend reading HERE for a better understanding of Complication of Wear OS.
Thank you.

Thanks Ron,

This is really useful info about complications, many thanks!

But it’s not quite the answer to the question I originally posed…

I’m asking for tags to be available for these variables - barometric pressure, chance of rain, sunrise/sunset and so on - so that designers can use them creatively rather than just being available as part of a largely pre-formatted complication.

Best Rgds,


The preformatted complications providers are documented HERE
Tag expressions are documented HERE

Complications are not something that is in WFS development control but perhaps they can take this to the WearOS development team. I don’t know if they can use complication providers as tags.

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