Use custom provider data in tags

Is it possible in any way to use values received from a custom provider as tags that affect components of the face? As in, make components (other than the complication components) react to changes in the values received from a provider other than the default ones (battery, step count, heart rate, etc., all of which have specific tags). I would also like to use these values in conditional lines.

For example, I have a regular complication that shows the watch’s battery percentage (icon + prog bar + text).
Now I want it to change color in gradient from green to red according to the percentage of the battery - this can be done by adding another progress bar, which is red, on top of the green one that belongs to the complication component. The opacity of this bar changes according to [BATT_PER].
I also want the text to turn red when the percentage is 20 or lower. So I added a copy of the text in red (manually setting the value [BATT_PER]%, because it is outside of the complication component), and set it to appear instead of the original text when the battery reaches 20% using conditional lines.

All is well, but now I want to do the same with the “phone battery complication” I have installed on my watch - which doesn’t have a designated tag because it is a custom, unofficial provider.
I can show the data in the complication component, as shown here, but I cannot seem to use the data as tags or conditional lines.

Is there any way to do this? Or to go around this?
Thanks in advance

This would require complications to public API and this might be a privacy issue for many things, It would need to change the template for complications for one thing, and even if they did, how would WFS know what the tags were if they are not part of the API.

I know they are working on changes to complications but I don’t know what, I was just told that changes were coming.

Sorry, this is one of those holy grail requests.

Samsung Developer Relations

Though if the complication can provide a RANGED_VALUE to the Ranged Value Complication object, isn’t there any workaround to let me use the same value in other objects, without any designated API? How can the complication objects access this data internally, and how can it be replicated in other objects?
Even if it can be done outside of Watch Face Studio in any way, I can code if required.

That is how the phone battery complication was done.

The only provider that for Ranged Value is steps and that is a wear OS value.

Three years ago this would be simpler. However Data Privacy regulations are extremely strict now and you must have in writing how the data is stored, used and who if any it is shared with; no matter what the data is.

This is to protect Health and personal data, location and all sorts of data that you probably don’t want to share to the world. So to allow this, complications display data but do not share it or allow it to be used by any 3rd party.