Tag expressions on Layer groups

Summary: Tag expressions applied to layer groups operate differently in WFS and on the actual watch.

Again I can raise this as a bug if required. I have a text case wfs file available.

Test Case:

  1. Create a test watch face
  2. Place a digital time field somewhere so we can see that something is happening
  3. Add four text fields - Text 1-Text4 and space them around the screen
  4. Group Text1 and Text2 into Group 1 and change the text of text 1 and text2 to be “Group 1”
  5. Group Text3 and Text4 into Group 2 and change the text of text3 and text4 to be “Group 2”
  6. Apply the following opacity tag expression to the Text 1 and Text 2 fields directly: “-100+100*([SEC]%2)”. Combined with the default value of 100 in the opacity field, this will cause these text fields to flash on/off every second.
  7. Apply the same tag to the Group 2 layer group field only. Leave Text3 and Text4 opacity fields alone.
  8. Test in preview window - behaviour is as expected - all four Text fields flash every second
  9. Build and Test on watch - Only Group 1 fields flash. Group 2 is permanently on.

Conclusion - different behaviour displayed on preview window and watch. Tags applied to group level don’t seem to be applied to the group members on the actual watch.

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Hi Rob,
Can you create a bug report on this and when you do add a note saying “please copy Ron”.

Thanks for all your feedback so far. It has helped me understand WFS much better.

Done. Request # 35389. I’ve mentioned to copy you.

Best Rgds,