Tapping in specific area to change colours

Hi there, Can I be able to change colours by tapping on specific area to change its colour?
File.zip will be appreciated if possible.
otherwise some details and code please, thank you.


You can use The Tap action on Images to change them to one other Image . Next time you Tap it toggles back to the previous . That is about the size of the individual image . So if it covers the whole Display the whole area will change and it will monopolise the Tap facility . If you had 4 smaller areas separate they would toggle separately . I will make a test for you to look at if you have no luck with what I have said .
I see that you can have mor than one alternative image . But can not change the colour .
Have a look at this fake Zip . You know what to do .

Thank you, so much russelcresser, Really appreciated.

But Can I be able to change colours for Clock time, heart, steps… one time in one tap ONLY if I mask it each one of them and group them after.
Or is it possible to be done on all the texts?
it does work on each item separately but not one shot for the rest of the informations I guess right? because the CHANGE MEDIA SELECTION section MENU doesn’t show to choose it.

Thank you again

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