Testing different languages

Is there a way (as there is with GWS) to test different languages in WFS?

In GWS you could set the default language for a field and the preview window would display the field (e.g day of the week) in the selected language. If I do this with WFS, the preview window always shows English.

This is important in testing when the available space for the field is limited as some languages seem to have longer abbreviations than others (at least this was the case with GWS.

Alternatively, are the abbreviations used for each language option, say for the date format “DAY_WEEK_S” published anywhere (can’t see this in the help for watch face studio)?

English: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat Sun
French: Lun., Mar., Mer., Jeu., Ven., Sam., Dim.
and so on…



No this is a missing feature thatI believe it is on the roadmap.

However, if you can add this to the Current Feature Request I will check and make sure.

FYI I will gather all the suggestions and submit to the Development team very soon then close that topic and create a new feature request topic.

Samsung Developer Relations

Will do.

On the other point of finding a published list of abbreviations used for day of the week and month, there must be one, but there’s nothing I can find on developer.android.com. That would be of significant assistance.