The default language settings are changed automatically

After selecting several languages in the language settings, select a specific language as the default language. After saving, exit WFS and load the work again.
Then, the language setting seems to have applied the default language, but the language marked with an asterisk in the setting window displays the language located at the top of the list.
This happens in all situations, not just because of a specific language. This is the situation when only WFS is restarted. Is this my problem?

thank you.


I tried to duplicate it and I didn’t understand what you were seeing. Some screen shots would be useful.

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I noticed the same thing recently.

After rebuilding some older watch faces with the latest WFS version 1.3.13, I started receiving negative feedback from users about how the date isn’t shown in English, but rather in some unknown language.

It turns out that WFS automatically switched the default language of all multi-language elements (month, date, weekday) to Malay (first in the list of languages). It seems to do this every time it’s reopened.
I didn’t think I’d need to re-select an already selected default language, so each of those updates I released had Malay set as the default language…

Until this is fixed I guess we all need to double-check and make sure to re-select the default language every time we update or rebuild any watch faces with this WFS version.

This is how the language setting for the “Month” element looks like normally, after setting it to English:

This is how it looks like after closing and then reopening WFS (same element, same watch face, no changes made):

I have checked it. Standard language set in English US. After closing WFS and opening, the standard language is set in Greek.

I use MacOS 13.1 and WFS 1.3.13

I can duplicate this now. I understand. I’ll report it

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