Themes application process

When I attempt to register a theme and I click on “add new application” and that popup comes up, the icon to register a theme is missing. The only thing shown is android and galaxy watch and I can’t register a theme.

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You need to sign up during the registration period, send your portfolio and wait for Samsung’s approval and contact for more details.
More information and how to register, visit

I’m approved and using the theme tool already

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But for the Galaxy Themes tab to appear in the “add new application”, it will take a few days.

I was approved last month. Is there anything else I should have done already?

Did you check your email inbox, same email registered in the Samsung Account used in the registration?
Checks for spam.
In my case, I am Brazilian, I received a standard email that was accepted and Samsung Brazil that contacted me by email congratulating me and asking me to read a term, agree and sign and resend this document to them by email. Then I received another email where I was taught to register on the Seller Portal and request activation for me to be a “private seller”, and return the email telling them what was the email I had registered on the Seller Portal website. After a few days they returned to me talking about activation and so the site released the option to send themes.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I have done the same steps as you and I’m registered on the Samsung seller portal using the same email I use to access the theme studio. I’ve gone through the guide and FAQ and as far as I can tell I’ve completed all the steps. I have not registered as a commercial seller because I’m not ready to do that yet, but I wonder if I have to do that too.

Of course, if you make paid products. After creating the first theme, you will be given access to publications of your applications (through support).

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You don’t need to registered as a commercial seller, you can stay a Private Seller for as long as you want.

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I followed the steps shown above and everything went normal! Thank you guys for the help! Now i’m selling my wallpapers and themes on galaxy store! =)


I have applied for the galaxy theme partnership, but have no idea weather it will be approved or not. Can you show you theme portfolio so that I can get some idea…

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Congratulation. Do you any website or Instagram?? please suggest the name if You Have…

You were great and everyone received so much from your experience and knowledge
Absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.