Account doesn't have access to Galaxy Themes Studio

Can anyone help me with this issue with the galaxy themes studio?
It says that my account doesn’t have access though I have received the email confirmation that i have been accepted.

Also, I can’t see the galaxy themes option under applications in the seller portal.
Any help is appreciated!

You need to email them and ask for access to themes for your account. If you are new to the program, welcome, and please feel free to join our FB group: Private Theme Group

You need to wait some days. Samsung Will contact you and send a document, you need to sign and send .
You have been did it?

thanks, but which email do i send it to?

I have only been sent a samsung seller portal email, which wasn’t a certain document only for themes.
All the other emails i have from samsung are for promotions and customer support.
thanks though.

In Brazil, I received an email with the name of Samsung Brazil, written in my language, talking about the policy of themes, for me to read. And there was a document for me to digitally sign and answer the email with that signed document attached.
Then they told me to register on the seller’s portal (teach how). And request to answer the email with which email was registered on the portal.
After a few days an email came confirming that access to the “themes” on the seller’s portal was released and access to as well.

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ok thanks, im gonna reply to the email i got and see what happens

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