Time in Review?

We submitted our TV app for review well over a month ago, and nothing has happened so far (status says ‘testing’, but our analytics show no-one has opened the app since submission). A week ago we send an inquiry about the status of the app via 1:1 Q&A and we are still waiting for a response.

What is a typical review time? A month deep and zero activity suggests to me that the process broke down somewhere, I can’t imagine this being the normal/standard experience.

With no answers from 1:1 Q&A, is there an alternate way to get a status update?

I moved this to the Smart TV forum the Seller Portal category is for the Galaxy Store.

You need to ask again in the TV Seller Store I have no contact with that store. I’ve seen this lack of response reported before.

I hope someone can help you with this.

Samsung Developer Relations