App review 2 months and still counting

We submitted our TV app for review well over 2 months ago, and there has been very little progress.

When asked about this, 1:1 Q&A say they are experiencing delays due to covid-related contingencies. That’s understandable to a point, but 2 months seems extreme - and with no resolution in sight. Our last request to 1:1 Q&A has been pending for a week without a response.

For reference, Samsung claims that the certification process should take about 4 days (see Certification Process | Samsung Developers )

We are discouraged that after spending substantial resources putting together a quality app, we are unable to put it in the hands of end-users.

Is anyone else seeing such drastic delays?

I moved this to Smart TV forum as they have a different Seller Store than Android/Themes has.

There have been a few others with similar issues about reviews.

I’ll contact you by forum e-mail to get some other information.

Samsung Developer Relations

We are having the same issue as the original poster. We submitted out app on 5/11 and it is still under review.

Is there anyway we can check into the status or check where we are in the queue?


I apologize there has been several questions about the delays in reviews. I asked and I was told there was a huge backlog, it appears that the team is fully swamped with 2022 submissions and working though them as fast as they can.

If it isn’t reviews by July 11th (two full months) give me your app name and app ID I can ask about an ETA.

Samsung Developer Relations