Animation Timeline Editing

Has someone figured out how to edit animations in the timeline??

In GWS you can edit animiations prcisely down to a single frame up to a 24h day, and you can edit loops. All that stuff is missing in WFS, or i missed it.

For example: How to edit an (jpg sequence) animation that plays 4-5 seconds only an the beginning of every new minute?? Editing this in GWS was no problem with the Loop edit option in the timeline. I cant find that in WFS.

Import GWD or Add Animation - Import Images - Double Click to edit.

Ohh thanx for that hint. I havent seen the 4 animation-options on the bottom. Its not as good as the timeline editor in GWD, but for some special (every full minute) animations its perfect. :wave: :+1: :ok_hand: