Tizen app binary update

hi, I need help. I have already submitted a beta version to the seller portal with 1.0.0. now when I going to upload a new binary with version code 2.0.0,

it gives me

  • This binary is already in use

And then I’m going to update the existing binary with the new version, now it gives this.

What is this version code thing? there is no way to add a version code to my config file. but in the seller portal, there is a version code and it’s not in my project files.

Can you please help?

Is this a watch face or watch app?

Here are some hints I think the last one is what is stopping you.

  • package ID is not same thing as file name. Package ID must remain same across all updates. You can see the package ID in the Build window in GWD. Leave that alone!
  • version number is just below that - CHANGE it for each new version, and make sure the newer one has a higher number.
  • once you build your project you will have a XXXXXX.tpk file - rename it directly through your file explorer, because file name MUST be different for each uploaded binary.

Samsung Developer Relations

hi Ron, Thanks for the help. This is a Tizen watch app and it’s a web project. so it is xxx.wgt file. I will change the file name and will update you.