Tizen Studio error

Yesterday I was using the IDE normally. Today it is giving this error. I didn’t update anything.

Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks!

As far as I know Exit Code 1 is wrong java version 32 bit vs 64 bit. but it can be a newer version that is not compatible.

from command prompt type in Java -version and see what it says or check your add remove programs and see if you have Java 32 bit installed for some reason. Unless you need it for another program uninstall it.

Tizen Studio includes it own Java JRE but if you have something else installed it will select that version.


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Hello dect,
Since a week i have massive problem to deploy apps to my Samsung Gear S3 I tried following points to solve this problem but without any success:

  1. Clean install of Tizen Studio.
  2. Package Manager → Tizen SDK Tools
  3. Package Manager → installed all wearables → samsung certificate extension
  4. Package Manager → installed all wearables → samsung wearable extension
  5. open project (web based app)
  6. open device manager and connect the watch
  7. open certificate manager and add a certificate with a samsung account.
  8. deploy the app Error -14

Watch Informations

Watch: Samsung Gear S3, Model-Number: SM-R760, Tizen, Softwareversion: R760XXU2CRH1, developlmentmode: ON, debugging: ON

Does anyone has an idea how i can solve this issue?

Best regards,
Purvis3 .

I’m going to assume you created an Author’s Certificate as well as a Distributor Certificate.

The first time you run on a watch you need to accept an RSA Encryption Key. This doesn’t last too long. Restart your watch by holding down the power key for 15 seconds and try again. Be sure to observe your watch and accept it.

If that wasn’t the issue, did you build for Tizen 3 or a newer Tizen version. It looks like you are running Tizen 3 so if you built for a newer version it won’t install.

Hope that helps,

Samsung Developer Relations