Too many styles are breaking the galaxy wear app

It is an issue with Samsung Galaxy Wearable app any watchface having more then 5 style cannot be customized from wearable app . Galaxy Wearable app force closes.

because when customization menu is used directly via long pressing on watchface there are 0 issues even if the watchface has 10 x styles makes no issue.

If Samsung cannot resolve this i think watchfacestudio should also go back to 5 x styles restriction just like in 1st watchfacestudio version released an year ago

But that would be going back to where we started from isnt it dear friend.:slightly_smiling_face:

The Samsung Dev team did come up with that explanation 11 days ago.

This is a problem with the WCS (Watch Core Service), which Google manages. A Google Play Store releases will fix the problem. There are no usual date related to the release scheduled. Hoping you will receive the update in the next two months.”

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I noticed when i switch the language to English (US) i almost have zero problems with this issue, but when i change to my language the issue appears more frequently, almost every time.

For me it doesn’t make a difference. EN or other languages, its not working.

Are you using the new WFS 1.3.8 Beta? It allows 10 styles with 3 options for each styles I tested it on one of my test watch faces that has a lot of complications and they seemed to load OK. I didn’t try watch hands yet only color styles.

Samsung Developer Relations

I also tried it with the latest WFS version, but still, it doesn’t open the customization menu on the phone.

Thanks for clarifying it for me. I guess we have to wait for the Play Store fix.

Samsung Developer Relations