Too many styles are breaking the galaxy wear app

I noticed that when i add a lot of style options then when you customize the watch face from the wear app, the elements will be displayed with wrong titles. For example instead of index options as it set from watch face studio the title will display another style option title. When the watch face is customized from the watch everything works fine.

If this only happens with a large number of Styles can you report this as a WFS Bug at Developer Support Request. If it isn’t something with WFS they can pass it on to the Wear OS Development team.

Samsung Developer Relations


I have tried a project with many style( 7 style for Second hand, 7 style for Minute hand ,7 style for Hour hand, 10 style for Index and 13 theme color style). From my wearable app I can customize any style and the title also okay. I don’t face any problem.

I have attached a file. You can check and let me correct if I don’t understand your issue properly.

Could you please share any file or images for which you are facing issues. (660.2 KB)

I checked your file you only have 3 styles titles. Colors, Hands & index. Try putting more options for example to enable or disable images adding or removing elements the more you add the more the chances you will face the problem i do.

I will try to replicate the problem and attach a file.

It doesn’t always happen but when it does my only option is to start deleting styles till the issue goes away.

I managed to replicate the issue it actually happens when you add a lot of complications after i added up to five complications the issue started.
I attached the updated file.

manystyle (1.5 MB)

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Thank you for the file.
Yes now I can see the issue :blush: