Trouble using Remote Test Lab

I keep having issues with my themes that are not visible in the GTS. I could see them if I could test it on a live phone, but every time I use the Remote Test Lab, I try to add my application and it just sits there and says to wait while it installs. I wait for the entire 30 min and it hasn’t installed yet. I’ve reloaded the page after a few minutes, and it reloads but there is nothing there.

I don’t really know how we are supposed to fix issues that are invisible in the GTS if we can’t load the test lab to try them out. Anyone else having this issue? Any fixes? Thanks so much!

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You can circumvent the issue by using the file manager from the left side. You can upload the file in the downloads folder or elsewhere you can find it (sdcard/Downloads or /mnt/emulated/… somewhere) and then use the phone file manager to install. You can even recover from the “wait” modal by closing the window and go to “my reservations” (you may need to wait a minute or two).


Brilliant! Thanks so much