TrueType System Fonts Always Installed?

Wondering if the listing of Truetype fonts in GWD are safe to pick, as opposed to the default “Sync to Device”? If I choose to use “WatchCoolJazz” in a design, can I be assured that all S3 watch wearers would be able to see and use that selected font if they were to download my watch face?

Or does the process assure that the font gets installed if it is not present? I see there’s also an option to “Add Font”, so if I have a TrueTyoe font to incorporate, I can add it and the customers would acquire it as well?

Do not worry, the watch will get all the fonts needed. When ever you use a font different from default, it gets attached in the bundle of resources in the .gwd file of the project and later into the .tpk exported watch face binary. You can check it by renaming such files to .zip and looking into them.
Note that some fancy fonts are rather big files and can add significantly to overall watch face binary size.

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Hi Peter,

I have noticed that :slight_smile: but thanks for bringing it up. Is there any limitation on size from the Seller portal?

There is no limitation that I’m aware of in the seller portal but it must be able to run on a watch during the review process.

Having said that, I’ve heard of sellers that got bad reviews with very large animated designs because they seemed to interfere with other watch functionality.

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I do not know of other limits than the size of RAM and storage on watch. And those are shared with other apps and processes running on it.
I had one watchface experiment with about 30MB, which actually worked well. I just wanted to point out, that these files are not always negligible in size and if multiple such are used, it may add up and maybe contribute to unexpected behaviour.