Trying to Submit New Theme

I am trying to submit a new theme to the portal and it keeps giving me this notice “To sell apps to China you must provide app title, description and new feature in Simplified Chinese. Please add the information in app information area of advanced mode.” What am I missing? Obviously I’m not going to type all my info in Chinese. Someone please help.

You can either not sell your theme in China, or enter a Chinese description.

1 - Go to Country/Region/Price tab and under the Advance tab, uncheck China.

2 - Go to App Information tab, under Advanced tab, click “+ Add” button. Then select the specific language you want to add. You’ll then have a “Select Language” tab. Use Google translate to enter Title, short Description and Description for each language. You don’t have to do this for each language, however you must do this to sell apps in China.

Thank you. Unchecking China worked.