The application could not be submitted - China Age Restriction


We cannot submit an update to our game because a popup “The application could not be submitted - China Age Restriction” blocks the submition.

We do not distribute in China and I cannot see the options it asks for.
I have tried to contact support but Contact Us button redirects me to

Please help!


When you submit to the seller portal remove any unsupported countries before uploading the binary. There is also a section for age guidelines.
If you don’t have China listed you need to contact the seller portal for more clarification.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you, Ron.

Can you help me contacting the seller portal? Because “Conctact Us” button opens site for me and not a contact form or anything usefull.

Okay, we figured it out.
It turned out when you switch languages in the App Information - its fields change too. So all we needed was to select Chines Simplified and set the Age Restrictions.

Not obvious at all!!