Two hands under AnalogClock

Hi @r.liechty_SDR there are two hands of each item of hour, minute and second under ANALOGCLOCK as picture. I dont want to use two hands, even i cant delete one hand from each. What is the use of two hands here - does it work like shadow or something else. If there is no purpose can you please improve to delete one from each.


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I see you are looking at V 1. 6.9 . I notice all of those layers can be hidden and lower down in the pop up there is a chance to select the hands Individually . I preferred the old way but don’t we always .

My guess is it is for AOD mode or premade sets in the future.

You can swap media to change one hand for another one.

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For running Hands with a Nice Shadow ???

If you notice when you add the Analog Clock
for normal the first hand is visible and the counter part isn’t
for AOD neither Second hand is visible and the minute and hour hand is the one that was hidden in normal mode and those hands are hidden in AOD.

What I would do is add the Analog Clock then use the swap media for the normal mode to use my design for those and then use the simple hands for AOD.

To do shadows using two watch hands takes some calculations for the offset it is better just to design a watch hand with the shadow.

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Thanks Ron . I only looked at it quickly . Sorry to take a time to get Back .