UDP & Samsung IAP loc interaction

Hello and thank you for reviewing my question.

I have been pushing binaries and IAPs to the Samsung Galaxy Store using Unity Distribution Portal. For my UDP .CSV file the only localization used is English. Once published to the Samsung Galaxy Store, theoretically, the IAPs should only appear with English localization. Is there a way to change IAP localization through the Samsung portal? I see in the Samsung documentation 2 notes that states “NOTE: All information should be entered in English”

To summarize, my questions are:

  1. When publishing a Binary that includes English Loc IAPs, do they appear only in English when viewing in the Galaxy store, in a different Loc?
  2. Can I change the Loc of an IAP(description, title) through the Samsung Galaxy Store Portal?

Thank you for your time reviewing and answering these questions.

I moved this to the Seller Portal / Android Apps forum.

I will see if I can get an answer but you may also want to ask this in the Seller Portal Support 1:1 Enquiry

Samsung Developer Relations

I got the answer:
Samsung IAP only supports English for Item names, and do not support localization, yet.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hello Ron,

Thank you very much for moving the topic to the appropriate forum and thank you for the second response.

Can you confirm that IAPs only appear in English, even if viewing the title in a different language? Say if I were playing the title in French, the in-game loc would be French but the IAPs would be in English?