Remote Test Lab RDB problem

RDB connection is not available on some devices…
and more devices.

If you try to connect, the connection will be disconnected immediately with the following message.
ADB connected to RDB
ADB disconnected from RDB

I followed the guide for connecting to the RDB and some devices are connecting normally and using it.

Am I the only one who’s experiencing this problem…?

The RTL is upgrading versions and it is being done manually so it is taking some time. This is causing disruptions for some sites or specific devices, etc.

If this continues for more than 3 working days let me know and I can report.

Samsung Developer Relations

still very much going on. I have wasted nearly all my credits trying to connect to multiple S22 devices in UK and Poland and most devices immediately hang (the screen hangs but other UI appears to stay alive), almost every device has the exact RDB disconnect error described above, and no device’s “log” feature ever shows any messages from my app. This is extremely frustrating. Is the service essentially not usable now or is there a workaround?

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It is still going on…
and more devices.

please report this issue.

Has this been resolved yet. I have a problem with my work network so I use my home computer for the Korean RTL site. If RDB is still not working can you upload some screen shots showing the issue? I can check it and take screen shots from home if you can’t.

Samsung Developer Relations


There have been some ongoing issues with RTL after an update that are being addressed but with so many devices it is taking time. I think this may be the issue you are seeing. If this isn’t resolved in 2 working days I can look into it.

I need to know what site you are using when you get this issue. The RTL Team usually ask me to wait and get specific times and dates and device etc.

Samsung Developer Relations

HI, ensure that the devices experiencing connection issues (e.g., SM-S911N-KR2, SM-S911N-KR1, SM-S918N-KR1) are compatible with the RDB. Review the documentation or specifications to confirm compatibility.

I would like to refer this- Connect to Devices on Remote Test Lab Using RDB in Android Studio | Samsung Developers Power Bi Certification