Unable to sdb connect with Tizen 3 " failed to connect to remote targ"

I am trying to install an IP I built on my TV, but sdb connect always returns:
error: failed to connect to remote target ‘’
The developer mode was activated using 12345 and the IP was added.
Any idea on what might be causing this ?
Is there another way to install the app besides sdb ?

After watching videos from people on how to activate, I found that contrary to them. the IP in the GUI is always empty when I enter back. For some reason my TV doesn’t seem to be able to remember the IP I provided for my laptop. Any idea what might be causing this ?

EDIT: key for me was to unpug and plug the tv Debugging | Samsung Developers

Thanks for the update.
I believe you can hold down the power button on the TV remote for an extended time as well.

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