Unable to get 64MP image using CameraX

I am developing a camera app using the Galaxy A52.
I would like to save an image using a 64 megapixel camera.
The resolution of the image acquired by CameraX can only be acquired up to 3024x3024.

Is there a way to get it?

Camera X
In ImageCapture.Builder ()
The .setTargetResolution is set to a resolution of 6934x9248 with 64 million pixels.
We have confirmed that the camera itself is being shot with a 64 megapixel camera.

  • For some reason, the resolution drops …

It is probably because the 64 MP camera is not accessible for third party developers. It’s only for native camera application I guess.

Thank you uh_1586406719

It seems very likely.

However, when I tried to get the resolution using Camera2, the following log appeared.
at least
Isn’t it possible to use up to the resolution of 4624x3468? I think.

2022-05-28 10:12:02.635 21579-21579/com.example.camera2test D/TAG_openCamera: BackCamera: Sensor W: 7.3984 Sensor H: 5.5488
2022-05-28 10:12:02.636 21579-21579/com.example.camera2test D/TAG_openCamera: BackCamera: Resolution W: 4624 Resolution H: 3468