Unable to send to device; tried everything

I am unable to send my design to my Galaxy Watch. I’ve tried everything according to what I’ve on these forums and in the help pdf. I’ve done everything by the book but I still can’t get Watch Studio to find my devices connecting either by SDK or by Wi-fi. I’ve gone step-by-step doing everything. It won’t even find my phone that’s connected to one of my computer’s USB ports. Do I have to build the watch face or upload it to the market first?

I’m using an LG V40 and a Dell XPS 15 if that’s any help.

In order to send your watch face to the watch. You need to connect with it and generate an Author and Distributor Certificate. (Author tells Samsung who you are, distributor tells your watch who you are) Distributor certificates are like a key and each watch needs one.

You have to build the watch face to run it on the watch and that requires the distributor certificate. But you do not need to submit it to the store or anything like that.

Generally if it can’t find a watch you don’t have debugging turned on or if it is on you didn’t acknowledge the RSA Encryption key. It doesn’t last very long search for RSA here in the forum or it is in the FAQ.

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