Unity based application rejected, don't understand the reason

I realise this might be something stupid on my part!

I submitted my first app and received a rejection notification with a reason of “Undocumented APIs is detected”.

The app is a game, built with Unity (2017.2.0) and works on the Galaxy Watch.

I am not sure what my next step could be. Any other Unity developers on here?

I moved this to the Galaxy Watch > Tizen Native API discussion board. Where it may get better visibility.
Samsung Developer Program

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The unity based game is not available for Tizen Smart Watches. This is the reason you are getting this error. Once It was available for Tizen Mobile & Tizen TV game development. But now also it is no longer supported.

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Please check below links for more details about it-


Thanks for your replies.

I got an official reply from Samsung saying Unity was never supported for Galaxy Watch, which is a shame because it works well!

I am moving to SDL2, which is included in the Galaxy Watch SDK. More work for me, but at least it is supported.