Unity Game minimizes when purchasing on some devices

We’re currently working on implementing purchasing in our game. I’ve tested thing successfully on my device but on other devices we noticed that when the purchasing prompt is displayed the game will minimize/go into the background and the user must bring the app back to the foreground. Has anyone encountered this? I’m suspecting it’s related to the orientation options for the galaxy store sdk.


Are you using the Samsung IAP Unity Plugin?

there was a recent update to the checkout client that he oversaw that forced an orientation window change when the checkout window was launched

If that is the issue please open a support request they should be able to assist you.

If you are using the Unity service called the “Unity Distribution Portal”, which used to support Galaxy Store it no longer does and may be the reason.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes. we are using the Unity plugin. We are not using UDP. I’ve reached out to your devs for assistance. Thank you.