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So i have a watch face for sale. Some customers wanted me to add a step counter so I did and put in the update. The update was rejected due to copyright it said. Why? All I did is add the step counter. Anyone else have this problem?

Can we have the name of said watchface?

A screen shot or link to the watch face would help us help you :slight_smile:

I the cert. Sent to you they will mention the reason for the copyright rejection.
Here is an example I wanted to update only images on one of my old watch face. got rejected cause I was using a Samsung Galaxy store shortcut taking the user to the Galaxy store. So I have to rebuild the whole watchface as I have lost my author certificate

The ID for the face is 000004684910 and I have attached the cert for the rejection. As I said before, I made no changed except added step counter.cert_20200131053252568.zip (3.9 KB)

Just remove the tag that says Cowboys… Since you don’t show the watch face we can only assume that the image used on the watch along with the term Cowboys can be construed as being copyright… Just because they missed this the first time through approval doesn’t mean it was OK, they can’t catch everything :slight_smile:

name is pink with blue star

It’s just my opinion, but having the word “cowboys” in the tag is an obvious association of your face with the Dallas Cowboys. Your star on the watch face, and the phrase “Dem Boyz” aren’t copyright or trademarked, so should be good, but as soon as you associate with the professional football team you are sunk :slight_smile: Just remove the word “Cowboys”

I will make that change and see what happens. thanx

Even if you remove the word “Cowboys” you are still risking getting your whole portfolio taken down due to copyright infraction.

Keep in mind that there are developers that have signed contracts with most of the US sports teams and hold rights to publish watchfaces and themes with copyrighted material. They can and usually will come after you.

As it has been said so many times here in the forum - DO NOT USE copyrighted materials! Don’t use images you found online, don’t use logos, don’t use copyrighted names or brands, don’t use designs that someone else made etc. etc. etc. Make your own stuff from scratch and then no one can touch you. Very simple.

all the images are mines. I do everything from scratch with illustrator and gwd. been working on learning visual studio and tizen studio

IP infringement has gotten much more strict in the past year. The review team is now very strict on “Fanmade” content.

Although I think your star is different they may decide that the blue star with a white outline is Dallas Cowboy logo inspired, especially if you have Cowboys tag.

Good luck
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I was able to get it approved. as mentioned by some1 here I had to remove some tags referencing the nfl and the team.

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