App rejected - This is new

Apparently there’s a new reason apps aren’t getting Wear OS approval now.
I uploaded a watch face with the new version (1.1.9) of WFS today.
This was rejected:

I can not comprehend that. What is that supposed to mean?
“For example, your application does not download directly to the device”.

Do you upload the phone app, along with the watch face?

No. Only the watch face.

2 weeks ago My watch face was rejected by Google. The reason for the rejection was not the same, but when I upload same watch face with the app for phone, they approved. Think about that.

Thank you Ozan But I don’t know exactly how to program such a companion app. I uploaded 29 Watch Faces. This is the first time it is said to be undownloadable.
In my opinion, it is Google’s duty to fix this error. I don’t see any real point in bypassing this error in the Google Play Store with an additional app. Then Google will never do anything to fix the error.
It’s about time someone from Samsung got in touch with Google and fixed all the bugs in the Play app.
Nothing has happened for half a year.
As a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google has 157,000 employees. There has to be someone there who can handle it.

Find me on facebook telegram etc. I will give you application if you want.

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There seems to be more and more unusual and unfounded rejection reasons lately.

Simply uploading the watch face again (with a newer version number) seems to result in a positive review.
Change nothing else (no new description, screenshots etc.) - just open WFS, build one version number higher than the rejected one, and create a new release in the Play Console with this new version. It should get approved within a few days.

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I did that. I’ll wait and see. Thank you. :grinning:

Yup. And as I was typing these words, my watch face was unlocked. lol :rofl:

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