Updated old watch faces due to "QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES" and HR problem again!

As in the title of the topic, due to the error “QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES” and the need to update old versions of the application, I decided to finally do it.
And now a question for you colleagues. Has anything changed in terms of HR measurement or have I found idiot testers again?
One day, rebuilt applications with the HR function are normally accepted, and the next day subsequent applications with the same function are rejected.
Has anyone had a similar problem, is I the only one unlucky or maybe I missed something in the HR issue?

Any help or answer is appreciated. Of course, an appeal against pseudotesters’ decisions written and sent.

Google review team is inconsistent.
watch face in the same condition
Deny or Approve

There are no conditions.
Reject or approve as desired.
I am not an HR
It is the same companion app.
Rejected as fraudulent app;
approve another

I think it might be something AI bots are filtering out.

One of my watch faces was rejected 3 times after the “QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES” update due to HR problem, but it was accepted for the 4th time even though I didn’t make any changes.

I already know that a lot of references should be written to the google support, in which they should write that their testers cannot test or cannot write answers describing supposedly “detected” errors. This has to be done deliberately, a lot, a lot, so as to tire them out !!!

What turned out in my case? Well, the HR function works properly, only some watch models from other manufacturers do not cope with the correct display of the font as it was used to show the results.
And in order to give such an answer, these pseudo-testers pasted the formula that “the HR function does not work properly”.
Isn’t that stupidity on their side. Only when you force the support department to act will it force the testers to write something meaningful.
Will this google-side idiotic behavior ever end?
I’m afraid not! :frowning:

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