[UPDATED: Yes] Mild profanity in watch face acceptable?

Is there a guideline about what level of profanity is allowed to be displayed on a watch face?
For example: F word is probably not ok, but can ‘SHIT’ be displayed? Or milder ‘SH!T’ or ‘SH%@’? How about ‘DANG’, ‘BOLLOCKS’, etc.?

See the Play Store Guidelines

Samsung Developer Relations

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I have tried some and although it is true that most of the time the censorship can be put in a very subtle way, as the colleague put in the previous comment, it can be put without a letter, adding xxx, hidden with the same color. letter etc etc I have created many spheres and some designed with words of this type, and so far nothing has been censored.

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That’s a very good question, I’m usually uncomfortable with morality based censorship. My very first and very ugly watchface designed almost 3 years ago for another watch platform was called “Dickheart” … for a good reason :innocent:

It seems that censorship could, in some case, close some countries but not necessarily remove our watchfaces everywhere.

Update: I managed to get this watch face approved but it was not straightforward, it got rejected a few times.

Here is what I needed to do:

  1. I declared it’s 18+ only
  2. In all the store photos I had to change all the visible profanity to grawlix.

The reason why I had to edit things and the age declaration wasn’t enough was because the Play Store can be accessed without login, so they can’t guarantee that underaged people would not see it. They can only limit who can download it.

Personal thoughts:

  • I think even harsher words would be approved, but I guess some sensitive people might report your app, so not sure if it worth the risk.
  • I feel the approval process might let things fly, so for example if I would just upload the AOD version of my app as a screenshot, they might not check it at all or even care about it.
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