Awareness & Questions About Making Branded Watchfaces

Watch the screen and here is direct link as well see how many downloads 5k and paid uploaded on 3Dec :rofl::rofl:


  1. For Samsung Officals if this is allowed then i will make OQ ROLEX UBOAT FERRARI :rofl::rofl:.

  2. Obviously a brand name used and direct violation of copy rights.

  3. Tons of watchfaces are available branded on s9me websites hell i can make 10 in 1 day and upload. Please
    Clarify if its allowed. I see it was uploaded on 3 Dec and today is 17 Dec.

Hi, I see your point, but I guess the question would suit more the play store officials, as they are validating faces for their store. On one side they complain about non existent problems with watch compatibility on other they do not see this?

Nothing to do with Samsung, dont confuse play store with Samsung store :slight_smile:


But our watchfaces get rejected due to petty screenshot issues eject but a copyright violation which is clearly mentioned i read somewhere at google developer console help is it allowed.

My only point from getting knowledge for Samsung point of view is

  1. Is it allowed to make branded watchfaces and post on playstore made with Samsung watchface studio.

  2. Then if i make such watchfaces like Tagheur Omega etc and post them from my developer account . Can my developer Samsung account be blocked or closed. :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Will i be pursued my such companies. How much of duplication is allowed . Like you see in this watchface , Even the Rolex name and details are used.

  4. Lets say i make a watchface ditto of UBOAT or Omega . I know Omega and Swatch sued Samsung for this. Can my main Samsung developer account be blocked .

  5. I am asking this because i exactly know the above mentioned watchface is NOT made in samsung watchfacestudio but in Android Studio in Kotlin
    Language :stuck_out_tongue:

  6. So if such conditions are not there and Samsung doesnt bother i can make plenty such watchfaces :stuck_out_tongue: p

Can you see 5000 potential watchface buyers who give a shit about Complications or other stuff but just that brand name on their watch gives them Euphoria and they will buy it at all cost


Its still illegal to do what this seller is doing, whether you chose to do the same is up to you.

I think you can still download these types of face using Facer and other tools anyway, so I doubt there are any sales from this Google play store. I could be wrong :slight_smile:

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If you include IP infringement in a watch or theme design the first time they will reject it. If you try twice even a different app you will forfeit your seller account. If you make it past the review for some reason and get reported you will forfeit your seller account. There is zero tolerance for IP infringement of any kind.

You should read this IP Checklist but the Terms of Service you agreed to are legally binding, the watch seller pledge you agreed to holds you personally responsible for any legal expenses.

I do not know how this gets past Play Store reviewers, Swiss Watch group is very litigious.

Samsung Developer Relations

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