Name and tags

Hi @r.liechty_SDP iechty
Could I use the words “LGBT” or “Gay” in tags or name of the watch faces?
The watch face only has rainbow details, has no offensive content, pornography in general, and no discrimination.

Thank You!

I don’t think it will. I see watch faces that are using those now.

Samsung Developer Program

I’ve had one rejected because they said it was inappropriate for certain conservative countries. It was a while ago sorry so I don’t remember exactly. Give it a try, they will tell you if it’s still a problem… :slight_smile:

I have a Watch Face for the gay community, the only problems I had was the name, because for Samsung it was offensive, another problem was the Muslim countries that I had to deselect because it was offensive for them, my advice is that you publish it with your idea, then Samsung will tell you what you have to modify.

Thank you for confirming what I said, and reconfirming that I gave good advice.

Thank you guys!
About Muslim countries, is just the Iran (but this country is not available to sell watch faces)