Please filling in "Watch Face Keywores" Field

Just got a new email:

"We would like to inform you of changes in watchface app review guide as followings.

  1. Please fill in the newly created “Watch Face Keywores” field with keywords within watchface image and do not write any more keywords in the bottom of the Description field.
  2. Effective date: May. 25, 2021"

I don’t see such field in the seller portal. It will be added later?
And what this means? Should we update all the watchfaces or is this mandatory only for newer faces?

I’m still trying to figure out what keywores are; and are they even legal :smile:

I have not seen the letter once I do I can find out what is going on. I don’t see any new form for Keywords.

Keywords are pretty much any word or partial words you may use in your watch face. You can’t use any that are registered in WIPO.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yeah, that’s what the email says…

I can send you a screenshot of this email, if you want.

New “Watch Face Keyword Field”:


This new Watch Face Keywords field will be a welcome addition, it’s good to see some progress with this system.

When these “watch face keywords” first started I’ve had several watch faces rejected because words like “Monday” or “Feb” (clearly month and weekday indicators) weren’t listed, so I started listing a lot more in the keywords list to avoid further issues.
Good to know this won’t be necessary anymore, as these keywords are all visible in app descriptions on the Store.

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Where is that in the store, I can’t find it anywhere, when adding a new watch face :frowning:

In “App Information” under category .


Thanks Matteo,

It doesn’t show unless you select the Watch Face Category.

Samsung Developer Relations

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