Upgrade or not from GWS 2.0.0 to 2.0.1?

Hi there, what’s your suggestion?
I’m worried about this bug that has been reported:

"The biggest bug is it doesn’t save the AOD and that is an big issue."

Better to stay with GWS 2.0.0?
Thanks in advance!

The big issue is that when you open and old project or create an AoD and then reopen the project GWS does not load the AoD watch face. If you back off to 2.0.0 and open the project the AoD is there.

If you are running on macOS Big Sur or Monterey then you should upgrade to 2.0.1
If you need a bug fix in 2.0.1 or use a Mac then you need to save your AoD as a custom complication so you don’t have to rebuild it every time.
If you don’t develop AoDs then you can safely upgrade to 2.0.1

If you design complex AODs for your watch face and develop on Windows then I can’t recommend updating to the newest version.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Many thanks Ron, I greatly appreciate your commintment!
Being in Windows, I think I will stay with 2.0.0 a little more :slight_smile:
Ciao from Italy

It’s not just an AOD problem.
The first. AOD does not survive even for new projects.
The second. Published programs do not show sensor permissions for fitness data. The sensor must be switched on manually. From GWS testing. Everything works as needed. It’s just that AOD displays need to be rebuilt all the time. Have a nice day.

To repeat I believe this is a GDPR or other Nations Privacy Regulations requirement. I’ll look into it more.

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Thank you. But sensor permissions had to appear. To approve or disapprove, it is up to each user.
I downloaded my apps from the store myself to confirm the error. This was and the screens could be set to work properly through the permission settings.

I believe that is what is new required by regulations. However, I am not sure and need to do some checking.
If you are in developer mode with Run on Device it may not be required.

I’ll try to find more information on it one way or the other.

Samsung Developer Relations