Can't send watch face to watch

I have galaxy watch studio, need help please, when i try to send the watch face i have made to my watch i get these pop ups and it dont send the face, i have a samsung galaxy 46mm watch and the studio is connected to it as it is listed in the run on device tap, im attaching the pop ups im getting and i have numbered them in order as they pop up, please someone help me i have been trying this for days now.

here are the pop ups i hope they didnt send on my first topic.
Uploading: 2.png…
Uploading: 6.png…

this is the last pop up i get

Unless you are on a Mac roll back to GWS 2.0.0
There is a bug in the GWS 2.0.1 version where the AOD you create is not reloaded and you have to rebuild every time. The good news is that GWS 2.0.0 opens the project and the AOD you created is there.

If you are on a Mac and can’t run in Windows mode you need to use the GWS 2.0.1 and you will need to create a simple AOD and save that as a custom complication for your AOD the next time.

Hope this helps, this is a terrible bug but I don’t know if it will ever be fixed. It has been over a year.

Samsung Developer Relations

What do I have to do to go back to 2.0, do I have to uninstall the 2.1 and download the 2.0 , is so please tell me where to get it and how to do it step by step please, thanks , mike

I just download the 2.0.0 version, now do I have to uninstall all the 2.0.1 version and then install the 2.0 and start all over ?

From the Windows App list right click on Galaxy Watch Studio and select uninstall
Install GWS 2.0.0 after it uninstalls.
All your projects should be in
C:\users\USERNAM\GalaxyWatchStudio\Workspace (that it the default work space) and they will load in GWS 2.0.0 so you don’t have to start all over.

Samsung Developer Relations

Ok I got it going, but now it don’t show the digital time when im making a face and a few other things, what do I do to fix this, thanks for your great help, mike

When I choose the digital clock all I get is a empty box with no time in it, what do I do when something is missing when I click on it, mike

Hi Mike,

Be sure you restart your computer after installing it to clear any caches, I’ve seen this before with GWD updates.

In the digital clock Properties → Type box is a setting for ICU format and the default is
HH : mm : ss
You can change that to other formats by clicking on the format to open the drop down box
If that is filled in and no time shows in the Design Window or the Preview Window then scroll down to Appearance and make sure it is a TrueType font and not a Bitmap

I think one of the above (probably just restarting) will solve it.

Samsung Developer Relations