Upload WF to store. Problem: "Package ID is already used by other seller. .."

Hi friends,

I tried to upload my latest WF to the store, but if I do this after filling out the other fields, I’ll get following error in the “Binary”-Tab:

“Package ID is already used by other seller. If you have good faith on infringed copyright, you can contact customer support agent.”

What could be reason for - and what can I do to upload my WF?

Kind regards

You just need to change your package ID to something unique. All of the common package ID’s are taken so the easiest thing to do is make your brand ID part of the ID. Something like DLRM0001

You need to apply to become a watch face seller


thank you!

Meanwhile I solved this problem by myself.
But now the error:
“The binary cannot be registered. You do not have permission to register an application to the Watch faces category.”
cames up.
What is this meaning? I truely try to upload a TPK-Watchface.

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I am a watchface seller - since long time and have uploaded around 20 WF at all.

Probably try to send a question through the store to ask why. If you haven’t uploaded a face in a while, Samsung sent an email out a couple of months back that you had to respond in order to remain a Seller? Sorry, I don’t have all the details, I’m sure others can add more detail.

thanks for your hints.
Yeah, I havn’t uploaded new WFs since more than a year.
But can’t remember to got such a mail by Samsung.
It seems easier to crack Fort Knox than upload a new WF meanwhile. :smile:

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Part of the new terms and conditions to be a Galaxy Watch seller, which you didn’t agree to is that you must publish new designs every 3 months which you didn’t do.

For those reasons you would be terminated without notice as a violation of clause 3.1 of the Seller Portal Terms and conditions.

You can continue to use GWD/GWS for your own personal use.

I’m sorry to see you were not active as I see you helped many people online.

Samsung Developer Program

Hi Ron,

which person who does a main-job can create a new, innovative and special watchface every three months?
It takes me an average of one year from the first idea to the completion of my watch faces (constructring pics, develope formulas aso.).
In my opinion, this paragraph contradicts the other rules for creating watch faces - to do something new and special that does not yet exist.
Because almost everyone has to do their main job to look after the house, family, children and dog.
How should you get on with a new watchface every three months?

Has Samsung really thought through this limitation to the end?
Demand quality and unique WFs, but request it four times a year …

I really understand a lot - but not this paragraph.

Best regards


Hi Hubert.

The watch designer ecosystem is closed.

Samsung Developer Program